is elated that this site is getting off the ground. Dec 28th 2016

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I like to command people to better the world.

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I don't work for money, I work for fun.


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+Serial_Entrepeneur+ Mercnet.Me AntiquesMarketer.Com HabitLift.Com

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My freelancer account got banned because I'm competing with freelancer.


Anything Else
Hello, my name is Matthew Jackson and my title is Reality Designer at the Mercenary Network. I'm the founder.

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Dec 28th 2016

Hello. I want to be a corporate warrior, to wage war on corporations that are bad for the world. That is my quest.

I'll be starting by waging a DESIGN WAR on because they kicked me out of their school because I have bipolar and autism and they couldn't believe a crazy retard could start a high-value startup. It's a long story, but I want the dean of that school, Jeannine Szamretta, to resign.

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